Tuesday, 23 August 2016

More of our Munich to Vienna trip

Considering how amazing this trip was, I thought it deserves at least a few more photos, so here you go.

French fries were invented in... Belgium, so we had to have some as a snack. The standard accompaniment is Mayonnaise here. This picture was taken after 9pm, I really love the late hours of sunlight!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cycling from Munich to Vienna on our Brompton folding bikes

My darling wife (who edits these posts) and I are the true definition of opposites attract. However a passion that we both share is our love of travel. Our ultimate dream is to live on a comfortable boat, sailing anywhere our fancy takes us. Unfortunately, we live in a country that is terribly corrupt and hence our currency isn't worth much. Not to mention that comfortable boats are known to be huge money holes, so that dream may have to wait a while.

Fortunately, we also really like bicycles, so if we didn't want to spend a fortune, we could travel by bicycle instead. Recently we embarked on out first biking adventure, not knowing if we would like it. Well we didn't like it, we loved it! In fact I'm now more excited to do bike traveling than I am to do boat traveling!