Tuesday 23 August 2016

More of our Munich to Vienna trip

Considering how amazing this trip was, I thought it deserves at least a few more photos, so here you go.

French fries were invented in... Belgium, so we had to have some as a snack. The standard accompaniment is Mayonnaise here. This picture was taken after 9pm, I really love the late hours of sunlight!

Here's our last view of Germany before crossing into Austria

The blue Danube was quite green. As was everything else. Clearly they're not suffering from the severe drought El Nino is causing in my region

It was really beautiful

Fairytale castles can be seen all over

And the sunflowers were in full bloom, glowing yellow and following the sun as they tend to do.

Some days we'd stop for lunch in public parks along the river

For dinner we'd either eat out, or find a store and a spot for a picnic. The cheese was cheaper than back home, but what you can't see under the slice at the bottom is a 500 gram tub of blueberries which were even cheaper. We ate some nearly every day.

Some days were really hot and some rain made for welcome relief

Enns was one of the first places in Austria to be officially called a town

Along the route you could often buy a few things, without a shopkeeper. In my country this wouldn't work. The money would just be stolen. And the wine. And the jam. And the table...

And if you weren't wise enough to pack some tools, some of the lunch spots had tools available for the bikes, along with charging points for electric bikes. My OCD really wanted me to spend some time untangling those cables, but my wife who can walk a dog with a knotted leash said I didn't have time :(

We made it to Vienna! 10 points if you can guess what that colourful building in the background is for?

Vienna has the worlds oldest ferris wheel. Amazingly it was so well engineered that even though it took a near direct hit by a bomb in WW2, it was still able to be used with just minor repairs.

They also have a great big palace, where we went to see an orchestra one night.

When were were heading to the train station to go to Budapest, we ran into a family touring on the same bikes as ours. They'd were heading back to Germany.

Budapest is actually two cities, Buda on the one side, and Pest on the other. I can't remember which was which.

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